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Cosmetic & Dental Botox®

We Offer Therapeutic & Cosmetic Treatments of Botox®

At Montgomery Dental Centre, our dentists are approved & licensed to provide treatments in either Therapeutic or Cosmetic Treatment for Botox® in our NW Calgary Dental practice.

What is Botox®?

The clinical name for Botox® is Botulinum Toxin. It is a protein that is purified and is licensed for use in modern dentistry. When Botox® is injected into the affected area, it releases a neurotoxin that relaxes the targeted muscles, preventing them from contracting, thus helping them relax. Most Botox® treatments need to be repeated every 3 to 12 months.

What is Therapeutic or Dental Botox®?

Most everyone has heard the term Botox®; however, most people think that Botox® is only used in cosmetic conditions to remove wrinkles and frowns.

Dental Botox® can be used to treat?

Treatment of TMJ/Jaw Pain

  • If you are suffering pain in your TMJ jaw joint, Botox® may be a good option to help treat any suffering from ongoing or recurring Jaw Pain. We inject Botox® directly into the muscles involved in grinding or clenching to help relieve the strain and stress of your TMJ jaw pain.

Treatment for Headaches or Migraines

  • We know that many people suffer from various headaches, including migraine-like or full-on migraine symptoms. Typically, these headaches are caused by bite issues, and Botox® has been proven to reduce or eliminate these types of headaches.

Treatment for Bruxism

  • If you suffer from teeth grinding, this is a condition referred to by dentists as Bruxism. It can cause Jaw Pain and Headaches and has the effect of wearing away tooth enamel and causing gum sensitivity. By injecting Botox® into your jaw muscles, this can reduce clenching and help alleviate any tension or aches you may be experiencing.
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What is Cosmetic Botox®?

At Montgomery Dental Centre, our dentists are not just qualified to provide Therapeutic Treatments; they are also approved to provide cosmetic treatments. Who better to assess your smile and facial structure than our dentists!

Our dentists typically use Botox® cosmetically to reduce or eliminate facial wrinkles to help provide you with aesthetic benefits.

Our Cosmetic Botox® treatments include:

Reduce Wrinkles

  • Most people, as we age, suffer from crow’s feet around the eyes and lines of our foreheads. Using Botox®, we can temporarily paralyze or relax the muscles, which can smooth out wrinkles and restore a more youthful, natural appearance.

Correct Your Smile Line

  • We can use Botox® to help reduce wrinkles around your mouth to reduce the appearance of smile lines.

Fix a Gummy Smile

  • Do you have an overactive upper lip? Do you show a lot of your gum line when you smile? We can use Botox® to help reduce the area between your upper lip and nose to allow you to smile without showing your gums.

Relax Jaw Muscles & Enhance Jaw Line

  • Do you have a prominent or non-asymmetric jawline caused by enlarged muscles? We can use Botox® along the posterior jaw to help reduce the size of those muscles helping to smooth the facial contour resulting in a less square and slimmer jawline.

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