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White Fillings

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Most adults have cavities at some point in their life, and will therefore require a filling. Montgomery Dental Centre is pleased to offer white fillings, a natural-looking and conspicuous solution for filling teeth.

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What is a Filling?

In simple terms, fillings are used to restore damaged or decayed teeth back to their normal function and shape. They are required when a cavity is diagnosed either on an x-ray or during an oral examination. After the cavity, or decayed material, is removed from the tooth, there is a void left from the tooth structure removed. This void needs to be filled in order for the tooth to be whole again. Fillings are what is filled in those voids. Fillings are strong and durable and designed to match your natural tooth structure so they are hardly noticeable.

Do all cavities need Fillings?

Sometimes, based on a patient’s overall hygiene and home care, we can elect to wait and observe cavities when they are still small enough to not warrant a filling. This is based on the expertise of the dentist and can vary from patient to patient.

Will getting a filling hurt?

In order to work on a tooth, we use freezing anesthesia. This numbs the tooth nerve and allows us to prepare the tooth for a filling without any sensation. With the appropriate anesthesia, you should feel no pain at all.

What happens if a filling falls out?

Sometimes older fillings can fall out when they have served their time. Although they may not cause any discomfort, we recommend replacing them as soon as possible. If left open, the space where the filling used to be can develop a cavity, which can eventually result in sensitivity, and can progress to a worse status.

White Fillings | Montgomery Dental Centre | NW Calgary | Family and General Dentist

White Fillings Could be the Answer to the Smile you’ve been Dreaming of!

White Fillings may be the answer to provide long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing results for patients while restoring and strengthening a tooth. Montgomery Dental Centre looks forward to offering you white fillings today.

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